Spoonbill Foundation

The Foundation was established to make CoA-Z available to all at the lowest possible cost. This is why Dr. Susan Hayflick and her team have set up sister non-profit foundations in the Netherlands and the USA in order to further develop the medication.

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Introducing Dr. Susan Hayflick

Introducing Dr. Penny Hogarth

Explanation of PKAN disease

Description of PKAN disease

Existing results and progress achieved

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We thank you for your donation by credit card or bank transfer to one of the following two accounts.
Choose the first account if you want to support the development of the NBIA medication.
Or choose the second account to help Nic and his family.

Arco Foundation
8400 Winterthur

IBAN CH72 0900 0000 1512 2078 3
Postal Account 15-122078-3
Purpose of payment: NBIA Stiftung Schweiz

The aim of the sub-foundation is the ideal and financial support of the research and treatment of NBIA (Neurodegeneration with Brain Iron Accumulation). The purpose is fulfilled in particular by the support of research projects for NBIA at home and abroad.

Donations to the NBIA Foundation Switzerland account can be deducted from Swiss taxes.

The Foundation’s current account balance: CHF 101,631.02 (last updated 16.06.2019)

Sonia Agnese Soglia-Lasalvia u/o
Roberto Soglia
Lindenstrasse 31b
8953 Dietikon

UBS Switzerland AG
CH-8098 Zürich
CH34 002 5925 9109 852 M1D

Ref: NBIA disease
Purpose of payment: Disease-related expenses

The account for Nic, in the name of the parents, was set up exclusively to support the expenses related to his illness. As soon as there is no need for this support, it will flow into the NBIA Foundation Switzerland for further research.

Unfortunately, donations to the account for Nic are not tax deductible.

Current balance of the account for Nic: CHF 59,502.19 (last updated 16.06.2019)